YESB Sdn. Bhd.

YESB SDN BHD is one of the leading companies in the construction field with more than 15 years of experience. We have an outstanding track record and have received numerous positive feedbacks from our clients as well as the public based on our completed projects.

We provide various kind of comprehensive services for every clientele - ranging from banks, factories, hospitality, medical/healthcare facilities, buildings, private houses, offices, bungalows, condominiums, showrooms and so forth. Our company’s ethos is to prioritize our customers request and expectations. Hence, we strive to provide good services and workmanship of the highest quality to our valued clients in order to achieve customers’ satisfaction.

A mid-sized company that comprising of 50 to 80 staffs, we equipped our staffs with technical training and knowledge. With that, they can constantly improve their knowledge and skills to stay top-notch when performing their tasks. In addition, team building activities are carried out from time to time to cultivate teamwork and to maximise cohesiveness when facing with challenges.

Therefore, we emphasize the benefits of having good teamwork in the company. Having good teamwork will definitely increase the productivity and ensures the quality of work is complied. For instance, it can obviously be seen when we completed the renovation of the 22-floor Menara HSBC, QB6, in just 3 months’ time. On the other hand, this is just one of many successful projects that we have carried out throughout our years of operation.

We have proven ourselves in this industry through our strong work ethics and outstanding performance. Thus, we are eligible for the ‘G7’ grade by the Construction Industry Development Board Malaysia (CIDB). ‘G7’ is the highest grade in its category and it offers us no limitation in tendering capacity amount for general building construction works. Moreover, we are recognised and acknowledged with other certification of ‘Class A’ by statutory body established under the Energy Commission Act 2001, Suruhanjaya Tenaga.


Mission Statement

YESB SDN BHD is focused and devoted to deliver the most exceptional construction services in the fields of commercial, industrial, healthcare, hospitality and public sector. Abiding this principle, we are pledged to understand our clients’ needs, devise an ideal solution to the problem and execute the work perfectly. Therefore, we are confident to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients by giving our best workmanship with our experience, full commitment, professionalism.


CEO Message

As a construction company with more than 15 years of experience, we evolved significantly over the years. Every project that we took on, we learnt and improvised to be better, without neglecting our aim to be the best in this industry. Hence, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude and warmest welcome to our existing and prospective clients to embark this journey together.

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